Three things we’ve learned this week

A round-up of the latest obesity news

One: May is National Obesity Action Month


National Obesity Action Month kicked off this week. The awareness campaign is calling for 100,000 people to sign a petition calling on the government to provide better support for obesity solutions.

Medical advisory body NICE says the UK should have a network of dedicated centres, staffed with experts in weight loss, exercise and talking therapies to help obese patients reverse their weight gain and avoid the need for bariatric surgery. This doesn’t currently exist.

Find out more here.

Two: The Wirral named as the “fat capital” of the UK

New research has revealed the Wirral to be the “fat capital” of the UK, with the highest rate of obesity-related hospital admissions.

Cornwall and Bradford took second and third places respectively in the list of the UK’s “fattest” locations complied by the Health and Social Care Information Centre. The data was taken from English hospital records during 2014-15.

Three: Overweight Labradors could help obesity research

A study at Cambridge University has found that Labradors are hard-wired to overeat, thanks to a difference in the gene that controls how the brain recognises hunger and the feeling of being full.

Researchers believe that a quarter of Labradors carry this gene difference and the discover could help with insight into the human obesity epidemic. Find out more about genes and obesity here.