How hungry are you right now?

According to our latest Twitter poll, hunger is a hot topic.

In preparation for Chapter 3 of our print magazine, we’re researching the perception of hunger and how people respond when they experience it. So, we asked our Twitter followers a question: “When was the last time you truly felt hungry” and the results were fascinating.

43% of respondents said “all the time”, while 33% said “whenever I skip a meal”. Only 5% said “never” and 19% said they couldn’t remember.

Although there is no official recognition for a hunger phobia, there is a wealth of anecdotal evidence. (See here for one blog post on the topic.)

Hunger is generally viewed as a negative experience, something that needs to be “fixed” as soon as possible. In a culture where food is readily available, the result is that many people snack all day, “topping themselves up” and never giving their body the chance to become hungry. Others fall into a starve-and-binge cycle, skipping meals to try to lose weight, binge eating once they become too hungry to cope and then skipping the next meal to try to compensate.

Many of us have also learned to associate emotions such as loneliness, boredom or sadness with hunger and eat, not because we are physically hungry, but to mask those feelings. More on this here.

If you’ve got an opinion on this that you’d like to share (anonymously if you wish), please contact us.