It’s finally here! Introducing issue 3

We’re delighted to announce that the third issue of our print magazine is now available. Packed with 124 pages of thought-provoking content about obesity, addiction, psychology and health, the magazine has also just been crowned winner in the Best Print category at the prestigious CMA awards.

In this chapter, we explore the theme of tales and truths, life and lies. We explore the events over the past century that have contributed to the obesity epidemic. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but did those individuals realise the impact their decisions would make on the future of our health?

Four people share their own personal stories of obesity, the challenges they faced and the tools they used to initially overcome and continue to fight their battle.

We take a closer look at the lies we tell – to ourselves and to others. No surprise then that Pinocchio is our cover star this issue, but how much do you know about the original story before it was Disney-fied?

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