The juice on juice

Started your day with a green juice? Feeling smug that you’ve smashed through your 5-a-day quota before breakfast? Carefully hashtagged your Instagram post so that all your friends know EXACTLY how healthy you are?

Think again.

Many people have jumped on the juicing craze, kitting themselves out with a blender and blitzing a rainbow of fruit and veg in their quest for a better lifestyle. What most don’t realise is that if you’ve made your juice the night before to maximise your beauty sleep in the morning, then the vitamin content of that nutritious smoothie could have actually reduced to nearly nothing.

A study, recently published in the journal Procedia Chemistry, examined the levels of vitamins in juices and how they degraded over time. Looking specifically at strawberry juice (because of its relatively high levels of vitamin C), the researchers discovered that the vitamin C content reduced from around 40mg per 100g when freshly made, down to just 4.6mg per 100g after eight hours.

The rate of degradation can be slowed, but only by adding sugar and cooling the juice. The researchers refrigerated a sample and added sugar, but the vitamin C content still reduced to around 26mg per 100ml after eight hours.

You can read the study in full here.