Why you shouldn’t be scared of change

We generally choose to live within our comfort zone – the familiar, constant and safe life. Change is dangerous – waiting to pounce and turn everything on its head. Changing what we are is too hard, too challenging, too impossible.

And yet. Virtually all of the cells in our body renew themselves over the course of just seven years. Within a decade, every single cell in our body has been replaced. Despite those negative and fearful thoughts whizzing around our brains, every month, week, day, hour, minute and second our cells are in a state of constant flux – growing, dying, shedding and replacing.

Cell regeneration rates

Corneal cells – 24 hours

Small intestine lining – 2-4 days

Stomach lining – 5 days

Taste buds – 10-14 days

Lung surface – 2-3 weeks

Liver – 6 weeks

Genetic material – 6 weeks

Sperm – 2 months

Skeleton – 3 months

Red blood cells – 4 months

Nail cells – 6-10 months

White blood cells – 1 year

Hair cells – 3 years for men, 6 for women.

Everything changes and everything is changeable. We are no more solid and fixed in time and space than an idea. We intrinsically possess the ability to change – all we have to do is recognise it. Think about it. Are you really the same person you were 10, 20 or 30 years ago? Are you the same person you were yesterday? Patently you are not. Every minute of every day is different to the last. Every minute of every day your cells are changing within you. You are reacting to different events, stimuli, thoughts and feelings. The choices you make in one moment create a different version of you in the next.

You are the creator of your body. You may look in the mirror and see a solid object, but your body is not a thing at all. It’s an ever-changing process.

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