I used to just exist. Now I’m alive.

After years of hating herself and her body, Lyn McGirr explored the reasons for her obesity. The knowledge she gained has changed her life.

Embarrassed by my body, I couldn’t even face taking my children swimming. The realisation that this wasn’t only hurting me, but was starting to affect my family, left me hating myself.

I didn’t want to feel like this anymore but I didn’t want to exercise. I was embarrassed by the fact that my whole body wobbled just climbing the stairs at home, or playing with the kids in the garden. I hated myself so much I remember thinking: ‘I’ll fail no matter what I do.’

My life finally changed for the better when I joined a counselling group. I started using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques, alongside a very low-calorie diet. I learnt so much more about myself – the reasons why I overate. The group enabled me to change my whole outlook. I found I was able to walk further, I had more energy and I started exercising.

And, guess what? I discovered I’m not a victim at all – I’m actually a fighter.

After a few weeks’ training, I stepped into a boxing 
ring for my first competitive fight. I was a bag of nerves but I loved it!

Walking up to that ring is the scariest feeling in the world. Usually I hate being the centre of attention, but as soon as I step into the ring, the crowd just melts away and I feel amazing. It’s just me and my opponent, and surviving round after round leaves me feeling so empowered.

Once the fight is over, the sheer exhaustion I feel is so satisfying, it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The pride and sense of achievement that it leaves me with just makes me feel so alive.

I was so desperately unhappy a few years ago and I thought weight was the reason, but it was the excuse. 
So I took food out of the equation and focused on me.

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So here I am today. I box. I also play rugby. I'm happy. I love my family. I love my life. And I can't stop smiling.