New Years Resolutions and Other Tomorrows

December 31st

I’m full to bursting
I’ve had enough
This is it
No turning back
This is going to be my year
I’ve had enough of hurting
I’ve had too much.

January 1st

Today’s the day
This is it
Here I go
No turning back
No game playing this time
No more excuses
I’m gonna do it
Lose it
Dump it
Throw it out
Clear out
Don’t need it anymore

January 2nd

I’ll fight the hunger
Fight the pain
Fight the emptiness
I’ll survive without my comfort
My everything
I will survive
I can do it
I will do it

January 3rd

Then she speaks
That voice inside me
My heart sinks
I know how hungry you are
I know how much you are suffering
I know how much you deserve a treat
I know how lonely you are
I know what you need
I know you

January 31st

I’ve had an idea
You’ve had a tough day
It’s the first day of the month tomorrow
Why not just treat yourself at the end of each month
And you can have a drink
It will help you to sleep
So you’ll be fresh
It’ll be fine
I’ll support you

That’s what you need to do
Keep the boundaries tight
That’ll be alright
You know I’m talking sense
I can see how determined you are
You know you can do it
Just one more won’t hurt
You can have some today
And then get straight back on it tomorrow

Why not get a glass of wine?
And just a packet of crisps
No one will know
As long as you just eat today
Just these occasional days
Just one day won’t hurt
You know you’ll feel better
You have such a long way to go
I will take care of you
Tomorrow we will do it
Tomorrow is another day
Let’s have some fun now

February 1st

Just one more
The voice inside me whispers
Its spindly fingers beckon me forward
Just one more
Have just one more
Tomorrow is another day
I step into the illusion
I fall under its spell
I buy the lie

December 31st

I’m full to bursting
I’ve had enough